Still Life by Cécile Crombeke

Still Life by Cécile Crombeke

Code: 10252


W: 69cm (27.2")H: 55.5cm (21.9")


Oil on canvas, still life study by British artist, Cécile Crombeke (1921- 2002), signed and titled 'Cool Form' with exhibition labels and date stamped 1956.

A beautifully considered still life study of lemons and vegetables with paper. A striking piece of work with fabulous composition and colour palette, a truly super painting in excellent condition.

Cécile Crombeke was a 20th century British artist, born in Bristol. She was awarded a scholarship to the West Country School of Art in 1950. She taught art at the convent school in Burnham, herself a former pupil.She also had her own studio at the school to enable her to continue to produce her own artworks along side her teaching role.