Floral still life by Paul Hannaux

Floral still life by Paul Hannaux

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W: 65cm (25.6")H: 81cm (31.9")


An oil on canvas, floral still life study by French artist Paul Hannaux (1897-1954)

A wonderfully vibrant and exciting floral still life study with a map and straw hat. Signed by the artist and dated 41 with an inscription on reverse ' Fleurs à la Carte' The canvas has joins which are original to the piece and I find quite charming, giving us a glimpse of the artist making use of all available materials in frugal times. 

Paul Hannaux was the son of sculptor Emmanuel Hannaux (1855-1934) He was born in Paris and studied at L'ecole des Beaux Arts. In 1924  he was awarded the Prix de Rome and has exhibited extensively.

Museums: Algiers, The Hague, Paris ( Petit Palais) Madrid, Metz, Oran, Bayonne, Constantine, Cologne, Rio, Salzburg.

Condition is good with very stable paint and as mentioned the canvas has original seams.